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Views From A Muse

Thoughts, ramblings, observations, and occasional wisdom on topics related to hypnoisis, past life regressions, soul contracts and other things of this relam and beyond...

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Posted by [email protected] on November 18, 2016 at 10:50 AM Comments comments ()

November 19, 2016

View from a Muse


What areas are you placing your head in the sand about? What do you attempt not to face? Hmmm, How is that working for you? Do you REALLY put your head in the sand or do you keep poking it up and looking around and sticking it back into the sand again.

Things we sweep under the rug are the things we keep stumbling over. Hard to get over that lump. Is ANXIETY your drug of choice? Are you more comfortable dealing with the anxiety of procrastination when it would, in reality, be a comfort to face the challenge head on. If you cannot resolve it today – can you make a plan or take a step toward resolution. It really really does feel better to acknowledge and work toward a resolution. So, what are you placing your head in the sand about? IS anxiety your drug of choice? ARE you ready for change?


Feel the Flame

Posted by [email protected] on November 17, 2016 at 12:30 AM Comments comments ()

Views form a Muse

November 18. 2016

Channeled from Archangel Metatron

Dear Ones,

You choose every minute and every day to focus on what you will. Sadness, fear, hate, anger - all heavy emotions that make your already dense body heavier. What purpose do they serve, ask yourself that question.

Would you put your human hand in a flame and then explain that it is impossible to avoid...the flame is here and it just must be experienced. Nonsense. You removed your hand for your own personal protection. Why do you not do the same with negative emotions?

You have the same opportunity to remove your spirit, mind, thoughts from the negative flame as you do to remove your physical hand. Develop the muscle of choice and the attitude of choice. Do not wallow or seek more flames to experience. Seek out what makes you happy for that is why you came. Blessings.



Magical Thinking

Posted by [email protected] on November 16, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse

November 15, 2016

Magical Thinking

Oh the power of our thoughts. Where will we take this magic carpet ride? What wondrous worlds can we explore? We have such awesome and wondrous power sitting between our ears. What do you do with your big beautiful brain?

I have heard it said that “reality is over rated.” I am inclined to admit that “reality” is over processed. If you wish to live in the reality of the now – economic pressures, global warming, for those of us in the north – the shorter, darker, colder days, you certainly have the right to do so. What do you spend your time worrying about…does it help? Did worrying help last week and what is the prognosis for worrying next month?

If you are obsessing over the negative things you cannot change…consider a different option? Preparation is a good thing to be sure. So is optimism. We go to the grocery store, wash our clothes, and put gas in our cars because we wish to prepare for the future.

Do you angst over the decision to buy apples or oranges? Do you worry that the gas station will be boarded up when you go to purchase your gas? Do you get anxious and worry that the washing machine will not work when you are ready to wash your clothes? Sounds silly?

Worry is not taking action or preparing…it is simply a thought. One that does not make you happy. Why not, just for today, turn off the negative and sit in the sun (even if you have to do that indoors by a window) or relax in your recliner and take a few deep breaths in silence, without the intrusion of the television.

Just for today why not take the time to tune into your body – relax your shoulders, breathe all the way in, wiggle your toes and stretch your arms. Life is what you make of it…you deserve the best one! Namaste.

Power of Intention

Posted by [email protected] on November 15, 2016 at 2:00 PM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse

November 17, 2016

Power of Intention

• Intention | Definition of Intention by Merriam-Webster Cached

Intention, intent, purpose, design, aim, end, object, objective, goal mean what one intends to accomplish or attain.


When you went to sleep last night and woke up this morning what was your intent for this day? Seriously think back to the moments before you fell asleep or the first moments when you woke up. What did you plan for this day? Did you get what you asked for? Did you know you were asking?


Thoughts become things. Truth. Try it. Choose happy. You may hate your waistline, your job, your spouse, the weather…there are tons of things you have no control over.


You do get to control your thoughts, where your thoughts go your energy flows. Why not plan, prepare, and choose to have a good day. Try it…you might like it. Wishing you a GOOD Day!


Do YOU know what a drag it is to see you?

Posted by [email protected] on November 15, 2016 at 1:15 PM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse

November 16. 2016

Do you know what a drag it is to see you?

Those words were taken from a song that was popular years ago. It spoke about division and judgement. Sad that we are watching it come to the forefront of life again, decades later. This post is not about the state of the world globally – but it is about the state of your world – individually.

Energy – that stuff that fuels the world. The stuff that creates the world, the stuff that we are all made up of and the we wash over ourselves, our community, our world. I am talking about the unseen but deeply felt energy.

Ever walk into a room and find that people are glad to see you? Feel THAT energy. Nice. Positive. Energizing. FUN! Ever have someone walk into the room and you automatically pull yourself in, without even realizing it. You attempt, on a cellular level to shrink your personal space so that it does not touch theirs?

Lately people seem so outwardly focused and are unaware or unconcerned about the energy they bring to a situation. There are lots of reasons every day to feel fear or anger or hate.

There is only one reason to choose love, positive, joy, radiance, happiness.

Hate/Anger/Fear is depleting your very life force. Giving you headaches, indigestion, sleepless nights, arguments with loved ones and random strangers.

I am not suggesting you bury your head in the sand. I am suggesting you have the VERY BEST day, hour, minute you can. FIND the JOY – just for a moment. In a smile, a much needed stretch as you get out of your chair, a child’s laughter, or my personal favorite…music.

So, just for today – don’t be the one people shrink from. Put on some tunes, dance – even if it is only in your head – and make someone glad to see you. It will improve your day and someone else’s. Namaste.


I Need Help!

Posted by [email protected] on May 20, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse

May 19, 2016

I need help!


Are you one of those people who are always there to help others, but are unable to ask for help for yourself. I am a recovering “Never ask for help” person. I had an unforeseen medical crisis. The crisis was short term (if two weeks is short term) and the recovery was loooooong. Required a lot of “asking” for help and even worse, admiring to myself that I needed it.


Many times I had to actually say the words to receive the help. Years of staunch independence resulted in a face that did not easily show distress...or need...or panic – even when any or all of these things were going on. It seems laughable to imagine not wanting to ask friends and family for simple assistance. Little things that did not take much effort on the part of the “helper.” Things like “Please do not walk so fast.” or “May I steady myself by holding your hand?” There were bigger things of course, needing help with preparing food or getting up or down a set of stairs.


The size of the task did not matter, I felt shame and frustration for having to ask. Again, silly human foibles and limitations that we set upon ourselves. We focus a lot of time on being kind to others and far too often we assume being kind to self will turn us into raging narcissists. Self help is an acceptable phrase, let's add self kindness. Self love. Self acceptance. Your world can only become better as a result.



Moving Forward

Posted by [email protected] on May 20, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse

May 18, 2015

Moving Forward


Who has time to visualize, plan, dream? Life is so busy sometimes you feel like you are running on a treadmill. Legs pumping, arms flailing...going nowhere fast – or nowhere at all! Actually cupcake, you are visualizing, dreaming, planning, creating...constantly.


Yesterday's quote: If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. – William Arthur Ward left out one small piece of information. Where your thoughts go your energy flows. Starting to wonder if I am just a walking cliche?


Seriously folks, facts are facts. Pay attention while you are driving to work tomorrow, or taking the kids to school, or running errands. Just notice what you are thinking about. You are creating your reality (uh oh! Another of those cliche things.) Are you PLANNING to get stuck in traffic, or to have a boring morning meeting, or to have the kids forget something they need for school in the car?


Of course not! So why does it so often happen? Your thoughts create things, things the universe rushes to create for you. Pay attention to your thoughts, and how often the universe fulfills your order. Just for kicks try asking for something simple and pleasant. Today the office manager will conduct a short meeting or today the coffee machine will have good coffee, or my personal favorite on the highway “Time contracts and expands as I need it to.” I think that when I am in a traffic jam and within a few minutes I notice that the traffic has cleared, and that I get to my destination on time. Marvelous.



If you can imagine it...

Posted by [email protected] on May 17, 2016 at 10:15 AM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse

May 17, 2015


As a hypnotherapist I guide people in visualizing what they wish to achieve. There are many misconceptions about visualizing. Too many people assume they cannot do it or do not do it well or not at all. Dear ones. Why must we take even a simple task and make it harder than we have to?


Did you drive to home or work today? Did you remember to retrieve something from another room. Did you open a drawer and take out socks or a tee shirt. Congratulations. You have all the special skills you need to visualize.


You were able to know or imagine the route to work, the book you left in another room, or the place where you keep your socks. You were able to navigate from one area to another – to accomplish a task even though you could not physically see the end result in the moment.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. – William Arthur Ward


What will you achieve if you let your thoughts run wild. Go ahead, try it...then go bigger, and then bigger still. What have you got to lose?



One day at a time

Posted by [email protected] on October 2, 2015 at 4:30 PM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse


October 2, 2015


I wonder how the recent astrological free for all affected you? For me, it was a rough ride. Not all bad, in fact my connection to spirit is stronger, bigger, and brighter than ever. Still, the ride for this traveler was rough. Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon…Full Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse…and I am sure I am forgetting something significant.


Yesterday I woke up and recognized myself. This was not the case for the month prior. Seemed every day was a new struggle or to be more accurate I struggled with new things. Things like interacting with other humans, interacting with other drivers on the road, interacting with the thoughts in my own head. It was an uphill battle. So it is with a gentle kiss I wave goodbye to September 2015. Happy to see you go.


It is with gratitude that I breathe in the clean crisp air of October. Plants and trees are letting go and and going into hibernation for the upcoming winter. I will join them to the extent I am able. I prefer to retreat and not engage in the madness of ice, wind, and snow. Just for today I will be good to myself and not dwell on the upcoming horrors of winter. I wish you the happiest of days. You are well and truly loved. Namaste


Posted by [email protected] on August 19, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments ()

Views from a Muse...August 19, 2015


I took a moment, and only a moment to consider my emotional, physical, and spiritual well being today. Some areas - okay all areas could use some attention. Seems like too much work.


I thought about the last 7 days and wow. There were some blessings flowing my way. They sometimes seems easier to see in hindsight...but doesn't our best vision always stem from that?

I pondered the next 7 days, They will be much different than the past 7 days as I will have a different focus (vacation!) than I have the previous 7 days. Then there will be the 7 days after that, and of course (Spirit willing) even 7 more days.


Blessings. It is all about perspective. It is also about what is taken for granted. We don't notice what we take for granted until there is a change. We don't consider the windshield wipers until it starts to rain. We don't think about the morning coffee unless the milk has gone bad, we don't consider our next breath until it is hard to breathe. May your next 7 minutes, 7 hours, 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months, and 7 years be filled with so much glitter filled joy that you cannot help but notice..and pass it on. Namaste Dear Souls. Thank you for being here with me.