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Do YOU know what a drag it is to see you?

Posted by [email protected] on November 15, 2016 at 1:15 PM

Views from a Muse

November 16. 2016

Do you know what a drag it is to see you?

Those words were taken from a song that was popular years ago. It spoke about division and judgement. Sad that we are watching it come to the forefront of life again, decades later. This post is not about the state of the world globally – but it is about the state of your world – individually.

Energy – that stuff that fuels the world. The stuff that creates the world, the stuff that we are all made up of and the we wash over ourselves, our community, our world. I am talking about the unseen but deeply felt energy.

Ever walk into a room and find that people are glad to see you? Feel THAT energy. Nice. Positive. Energizing. FUN! Ever have someone walk into the room and you automatically pull yourself in, without even realizing it. You attempt, on a cellular level to shrink your personal space so that it does not touch theirs?

Lately people seem so outwardly focused and are unaware or unconcerned about the energy they bring to a situation. There are lots of reasons every day to feel fear or anger or hate.

There is only one reason to choose love, positive, joy, radiance, happiness.

Hate/Anger/Fear is depleting your very life force. Giving you headaches, indigestion, sleepless nights, arguments with loved ones and random strangers.

I am not suggesting you bury your head in the sand. I am suggesting you have the VERY BEST day, hour, minute you can. FIND the JOY – just for a moment. In a smile, a much needed stretch as you get out of your chair, a child’s laughter, or my personal favorite…music.

So, just for today – don’t be the one people shrink from. Put on some tunes, dance – even if it is only in your head – and make someone glad to see you. It will improve your day and someone else’s. Namaste.


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