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Give me a BREAK

Posted by [email protected] on November 18, 2016 at 11:00 AM

November 20, 2016

View from a Muse

Give me a BREAK

Thanksgiving is a few days away – in America we stuff ourselves into a stupor and watch football for most of the day. Does the stress and pressure start when you see the ads insisting you begin buying presents at midnight on Thanksgiving Day or do you rush out – to avoid the rush – and begin shopping on Thanksgiving Day?

This Thanksgiving – why not start the day – perhaps before you get out of bed thinking about YOU. It might be the last chance you have between now and Christmas, to think about YOU. Then the gift buying frenzy begins, then the only thought is buying, wrapping, stressing over who will like what gift, and of course when/how will all this get paid for?

So take a few moments, when you can (again, I suggest before you get out of bed and the madness begins) and wonder what makes you happy? Not necessarily grateful, but just happy. What lights YOU up? Then make a resolution to do more of THAT…for you. You matter. Namaste



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