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My life as an alchemist

Posted by [email protected] on January 12, 2017 at 10:40 AM
January 12, 2017 Views from a Muse My Life as an Alchemist Many of us conjure up images of a wizard with a long white beard hunched over a workbench with bottles and potions when we think of an alchemist. One who is thought to transform lead into gold. As luck would have it�?�in 2017, no special costumes are required. No potions or bunson type burners. I am an alchemist. I do not turn the physical material of lead into gold. I have a much more important mission. I transform the lead of fear; negativity, and lack into the gold of abundance; financial, spiritual, and physical well being. I have the complete joy of working with amazing people and assisting them to turn the lead in their lives into gold. There are many ways to improve your life and I incorporate many tools. I receive the blessings of alchemy in my life daily and I try to live my life every day with the attitude of gratitude as I remember I have only to ask, believe, and receive. This is my first �??view from a muse�?? in 2017 and I simply felt inspired as I ponder the many blessings already received in the first 12 days of this year. I wish each of you the greatest joys your hearts can hold in this splendid year. Please know that life is meant to be celebrated and fun. Yes, you can change a thought and change a feeling. Namaste.

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