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Posted by [email protected] on May 6, 2018 at 7:55 AM
Views from a Muse 5-6-2018 Living in the now. Why is this such A challenge? Logically we only have this moment, this breath, this space we occupy. Later we may have more breath, a different space, a different reality. For now, all we have is now. I suppose we are trained to look at the future, from the time we are small children. �??You cannot have a cookie until after dinner.�?� We will go out to recess after spelling and math�?� What are your plans for college, for employment, for life?�?� Few of us would rise in the morning and go to work if it did not mean losing the ability to pay our bills. When it nears vacation time some of us view going to work as the vehicle with which we will pay for our vacation�?�before we return to work. Some of us spend the second half of our dreamed about and longed for vacation worrying about having to go back to work. We spend about 8 hours a day working, perhaps an additional two hours preparing for work and driving back and forth. That leaves 14 hours to do everything else. If we sleep for 8 hours (who sleeps for 8 hours?) that leaves 6 hours in the day for �??other stuff.�?� This week one of my spirit guides reminded me that time is an illusion. Then he admonished me about wasting time. I spoke with someone about my goals and plans and was asked �??When would be a good time to start that?�?� My response was "today." First i will breathe in and breathe out. As I have done since the moment i was born...but for right now Iwill close my eyes and breathe deeply into my belly. Several times. When I feel myself relaxing i will ignore the urge to get up and move about. Instead I will honor the breath and the relaxation I will spend a moment in gratitude just because I am in this moment. Namaste.

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