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Do you feel safe enough to change?

Posted by [email protected] on August 9, 2018 at 9:05 AM
Views from a Muse August 9, 2018 Do you feel safe enough to change? The idea of change so often initiates a gut reaction, a fear based negative one. Even when the situation you are in is not ideal, you may still have a negative visceral reaction. As humans we are quick to adjust and adapt to the status quo. We adapt to office politics, cultural beliefs, and group consensus. Often we do it automatically because we want to blend into our environment. Some patterns and beliefs are deeply rooted in our childhood. Others are part of a family or employment expectations. Conformity begins almost from birth, certainly from the moment we become physically mobile. �??Be quiet�?� or �??Don�??t touch�?� or �??Hug Uncle Bernie�?� and �??Kiss Grandma goodbye.�?� Rarely as adults are we asked what our personal preference is. Imagine starting a new job and someone asking you where you would be most comfortable place to put your desk or even what type of chair best suits your comfort level. Can you remember back to childhood when you did not perform as the adults in charge expected? Many of us can still recall the feeling of disapproval Most of us wish to be accepted and appreciated. It seems easier to remain in the box, even if parts of your life feel like shoes that are a bit too tight. �??Go with the flow.�?� �??Don�??t make waves.�?� �??If it�??s not broken, don�??t fix it.�?� So many reasons to remain in the status quo. May I suggest a reason to break out of the box? Happiness. Contentment. Ease. Comfort. I could toss out lots of crazy ideas like �??Follow your Bliss�?� or �??Live Life to the Fullest.�?� Just for today, let�??s go gently into the unknown waters of change. Just for today imagine what it would feel like to do some small thing to accommodate yourself. What would that look like? A small change just to please yourself. Would you leave for work 15 minutes earlier to avoid the stress of rushing into the office? Would you leave for the office 15 minutes later, so you can savor a cup of coffee instead of gulping it down? A small change, just a recognition of you and your comfort level. What would it look like? How would it feel? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to comment below or pm me. Namaste.

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