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Smoking Cessation


Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

 The smoking cessation program is conducted by Jan Bartrop-Babbitt a licensed certified hypnohterapist.. It should be noted that there is no program available anywhere that is 100% successful to quit smoking. The mind can never forget the attraction of cigarettes. What Jan offers through hypnosis is the strength and tools to be successful in your battle to control the urges to smoke (or chew tobacco). It is generally preferred to "replace" a habit instead of simply eliminating it. For that reason Jan requets that you consider what you will do when the urge to smoke occurs. It can be as simple as taking two comfortably deep breaths.

 The smoking cessation program consists of one session. . If you are serious about wanting to quit smokng you can do it without any of the assoicated anxiety or overeating. I have a personal success rate of over 97%. My system works.

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