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Past Life Journey

Past Life Journey Understanding Your Past to Heal the Present

by Jan Bartrop-Babbitt

Much like the decisions you made last night to have rich food before bed or to go for a 5-mile run before breakfast today, our past decisions impact our current situation—even if those decisions were made hundreds of years ago. A review of past lives can reveal the reasons for a current health complaint much like how a review of your poor eating choices on vacation reveal the reason for feeling sluggish or low energy today.

An alchemy past life regression is not a bedtime story or a psychic reading where you sit passively as someone tells you who or what you have been. An alchemy journey into your past gives you the opportunity to walk the paths you’ve walked before, hear the music, feel the sun, taste the wine. Alchemy past life regression offers the opportunity for real change and deeper understanding of the most interesting person in your life—you.

A trained alchemy hypnotherapist understands that you are your best resource. Your guides are your inner healers and guardians of all experiences past, present and future. All the wisdom you require for your happiest, healthiest, most satisfying life is inside you, waiting to be accessed. In a past life regression session, the hypnotist is the facilitator, the one who asks the clarifying questions and guides the journey. You can respond to any questions and describe what you are experiencing. Your spirit guides will lead you to the lifetime that will answer questions or promote healing in your current lifetime.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are in complete control and while the hypnotist is guiding and assisting you, you decide how deep you allow yourself to go and how much you are comfortable experiencing. There are multiple possibilities when you enter a past life. Do you wish to heal past life trauma? Irrational fears are often rooted in past life trauma. Healing occurs by bringing the past life memory to the present using hypnotic guidance, followed by cathartic release through expression of emotions such as anger, grief and remorse. This process can permanently discharge the fear unlike any other technique or healing method available.

It is quite common for issues with the throat or back to be related to past lives. Birth marks are often discovered to be a point of entry wound marker from a past life. Fear of water or heights often reveals past life trauma that, once cleared, is no longer an issue in current life.

Alchemy Hypnosis offers a Past Life Regression technique that gives the ability to summon knowledge and creative skills developed in past lives without the need for repeated hypnotic sessions. This technique is designed to bring together and merge talents and abilities of the past life personality with the present self. A client once described it as “remembering how to play the piano instead of learning it from scratch”. That makes perfect sense. All the talents and skills you spent time learning in other lifetimes can still be accessed by you.

In a Past Life Regression, it is possible to apologize for wrongs or abuses due to greed or misuse of power. An apology to a victim or victims in a past life can immediately alter the current life issues associated with the transgression. A client can also receive an apology that was never given or face an abuser and finally clear the pain and karma for all concerned. We no longer need to carry the burden of unresolved issues—from any lifetime. This is an opportunity to release the baggage and move on to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Past life contracts can be recognized by a profound and unique sense of familiarity in a relationship. A key component in these relationships is a promise made between the two persons. Sometimes these relationships can be loving and stable, but they are often troublesome and obsessive. Past Life Regression explores the original promise made and its consequences and if and how the contract can be changed or terminated.

Death bed declarations can be very powerful. If someone feels remorse for infidelity they could proclaim a desire to never hurt another intimate partner. This could result in an inability in the next life to connect in a loving relationship due to an unrecognized fear of repeating past mistakes. A parent who was unable to provide the life they wanted for a child could declare on a deathbed the wish to never bring another child into the world, so they will not be responsible for the pain of another. The obvious result would be an inability to bear children in the next lifetime.

It is not commonly understood that words and intentions carry actual powerful results. The good news is, you no longer need to carry on decisions made from previous lifetimes. You can clear the slate, even of things you do not remember or do not understand in your current lifetime.

When there is an inability to change persistent patterns of suffering, or if one is seeking a destiny or sense of purpose in life, an exploration of the pre-conception contract can be very useful. Through Alchemy Hypnosis, it is possible to become aware of the unique conditions that were “set up” for this life and if necessary, modify the “contract” in some way.

Knowledge is power, and it is easier to accept a circumstance or continue striving toward a goal if there is an understanding of the reason. However, when a person is setting up the contract they may brush aside the realities of life on earth and “bite off” more than they are willing to chew or create very difficult conditions in this lifetime. It is very common for a contract to be revised or softened without altering the original intent.

While it is true that there are many lifetimes for each of us, it only makes sense to make this one a happy and fulling one. Hypnosis is safe, easy and has an incredible power to heal.

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt BA, Cht, RM, IACT, NGH, ACHH, WMA is a lifelong spiritual alchemist, intuitive counselor and student of human behavior. She practices Spiritual Alchemy in many forms while always connecting with spirit to assist others in their unfolding and allowing their passions, purposes and potential to shine through. Connect at 888-568-0630, or find REAL Change Therapy on Facebook.