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REAL Change Therapy

REAL Results...REAL Transformation


INTRODUCTION: As part of your relationship in your Spiritual Healing, Counseling, and/or Life Guidance session, this form is to help make clear the rights and responsibilities involved. It is essential that you read the following information carefully. It is common for clients to be unsure of what they want from a session or to arrive with one goal in mind, only to discover instead that they end up gaining insights or healing in another area. Please keep an open mind in allowing Spirit to assist in guiding the best direction of the session.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Jan’s principal areas of expertise, experience, and practice are individual spiritual counseling, relationship counseling, and clearing issues related to trauma, abuse, hypnosis, and past life regression. She is very experienced in the healing arts and hypnosis, travels to the akashic records, and past life regression. Her intuitive skills make her sessions unique and very insightful for life-guidance. In combination, these skills make these sessions unique and very diverse, which is essential since the traumas and questions of life are also diverse.

THE SESSIONS: Jan’s work, guidance, and suggestions are just that. You are never being told what to do but are merely being offered feedback. At times, the sessions are simple and comforting. Yet, since the questions, issues and traumas of humanity are so diverse, so too are the sessions. Sometimes she utilizes her intuition or experience to assist in seeing a different perspective. There are times when the sessions involve meditation forgiveness work, while other times, there is hypnosis for relaxing stress or sometimes to release trauma (such as physical or sexual abuse) The sessions often bring a permanent sense of release. However, if the session reaches a limit (such as the need for you to further your healing by consulting a Doctor, a mental health professional, legal counsel, etc.…), it is highly recommended that you find a professional in your area. The primary purpose of the healing aspect of these sessions is to keep you in a safe place while you journey to that place within wherein you will meet the darkest and brightest parts of your being—bringing them to the Light where healing is discovered, initiated, and integrated.

RESPONSIBILITIES: It is your right and responsibility to decide whether to engage in a private session and to decide whether the session is suitable for you. The first step towards any form of healing is for you, the client, to recognize and feel that you are ultimately in control of your session. If, at any time, you are not in agreement with what is being discussed or with the methods of healing, then it is your responsibility to mention it at the time and/or stop the session. It is also important that you be honest about any possible feelings of transference, which often occurs with powerful healing. Jan is simply with you as a guide or safe friend. There are no personal interests, agendas, and/or attachments involved in a session, nor with the information that you divulge. It Jan’s responsibility to be with you on many levels while remaining objective (yet without being “detached”).

CONFIDENTIALITY: All issues discussed during therapy are strictly confidential. However, Jan will use her professional discretion to release or share information concerning the session in the event you or someone else is in imminent danger. One example of such a decision is that if, for example, an emergency was to arise in your life and his input based on your experience would be of assistance.

FOLLOW-UP OR EMERGENCY CONTACT: Since Jan has multiple responsibilities, it is not always easy to reach her. However, she makes every attempt to return contact within 24 hours or the next business dy. If you are in crisis she encourages you to seek immediate appropriate intervention. So please let us know if we can be of any assistance. We encourage follow up sessions when a deep issue or area of concern has been identified. Consistent support is as vital to healing as the dramatic, miraculous shifts.

TIME & FEES: It is important for a healthy, therapeutic relationship that there are clear financial agreements. The fee for a first-time session with Jan Bartrop-Babbitt is $125.00, which runs approximately 60 minutes, and only $100.00 thereafter. Half sessions are available. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will still be charged the full amount for the session.

CONSENT: I have read the above information and clarified any questions I have. I agree to the stated terms, conditions, responsibilities, and explanations. I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with the above described activity and I assume full responsibility for personal injury or other damages that I may incur to myself and (if applicable) my family members. I release and discharge REAL Change Therapy and Jan Bartrop-Babbitt for injury, loss or damage arising out of the session. I understand that participating in such involves a reasonable amount of risk to my physical and emotional comfort and well-being. I also understand there isn't a single activity or process that I am forced or obligated to participate in. Furthermore, any amount of participation on my part despite encouragement or perceived peer pressure is fully made by my own choice. I agree to indemnify and defend REAL Change Therapy and Jan Bartrop-Babbitt (and all related parties or representatives) against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in any way arise from this or any future sessions.

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