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REAL Change Therapy

REAL Results...REAL Transformation



Jan Bartrop-Babbitt, Alchemist,


[email protected]

Call to find out how easy it is to heal from the comfort of your home or office~


Sessions are over the Phone, or Skype, or WhatsApp. , All healing sessions available world-wide.

Are you are a busy person who longs to take some renewal time for yourself but often find it difficult to pull yourself away from the many demands of your life? Distance healing is fast and focused.

When you begin to feel like something is missing, or "off" in your life, career or relationship, or you just don't feel like yourself anymore, this is an internal message to take time away, to rejuvenate, and renew--to nurture yourself.

You may first experience this as a generalized lack of energy or even boredom. You may find yourself feeling stuck in a situation, relationship, or job that is no longer fulfilling. You may want out but you feel stuck. You know you need an energetic jump start but you don't know exactly how to get one.

Your motivation wanes and you begin to feel shut down and closed off from life. Things that used to give you pleasure and joy don't anymore and you feel disconnected from your sense of peace and satisfaction; You know that you deserve more!

Are you ready to find joy and satisfaction in your life again? Distance is NOT a reason to stay stuck in that rut.

Call 888-568-6630 or fill out the contact form for more information.