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REAL Change Therapy

REAL Results...REAL Transformation



You know you have a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime… but you did not show up with directions tucked inside your belly button. You were left to wander uncharted sometimes finding your answers, but always looking for your purpose.

This workshop is specially crafted to help you follow the treasure map to your own personal fulfillment. Take a deep breath and go deep inside yourself for a moment. Do you know that you were meant for more? That in this life and at this time you are destined to be SO MUCH more! Of course you do. You are a seeker. You came to this place and time to do so much more. Discover for yourself.

Skilled facilitators will guide you through the blockages, clear assumptions that no longer serve, and offer guidance to to stand in your own powerful destiny. You no longer need to walk the maze alone.

This all day discovery workshop will be held at C4PT, 192 Hartford Rd, Manchester, CT.

For more information go to or call 888-568-6630. Advance Registration Required. $285.00 Early Bird Special until September 15. $315.00 September 15- September 21. Registration closed September 22.